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Concrete Sealing Services

Just like all other outdoor flooring solutions, concrete is subject to damage that can cause immense problems for homeowners and properties. Luckily, sealing concrete prevents the ware and tear that they are constantly subject to. Concrete sealing, especially by companies providing their services, is necessary to keep the substance looking new and working as it should in the long term. 

Concrete sealing is cumbersome, as are many outdoor solutions, but it should be done. Sealing concrete is similar to sealing pavers, though they differ in a few key ways. The first step of sealing concrete is to make sure the surface is clean. This means ridding it of all dust, dirt, unnecessary oils, plant and bacterial growth, and anything else that might affect the substance. Once the surface has been cleaned, it is ready to be sealed. It should be noted, however, that if the concrete has previously been sealed, that layer will need to be removed in order for the new product to be properly placed. 

Before the sealing solution can be applied to the concrete directly, the surface must undergo cleaning with an etching solution as well. An etching solution basically exposes the concrete to acid to destroy unwanted substances. Once it has been applied, it is simply rinsed off with water and the concrete is ready to be sealed. When sealing concrete, it is important to work in thin coats. The concrete sealant isn’t meant to be a thick casing but is instead supposed to be absorbed slightly by the concrete. 

Unlike sealing pavers, once the concrete sealant has been spread and dried, another coat is applied, spread in the opposite direction. This ensures proper coverage of the concrete, so as to make sure the product is truly covering the material. After the sealer has been applied to the concrete is must dry, which can take many hours. The process is not completely finished until roughly two days after the sealant has been applied, when it has finally hardened as it should. 

Concrete sealing is complicated work. It can easily go wrong and leave the concrete in a worse state than its original form. Luckily, companies providing concrete sealing services are capable of finishing the job with ease. Concrete is often a substance chosen for its widespread durability, but it too can be damaged if left unprotected. Regularly cleaning and maintaining concrete is important too, but the best first step is to have it sealed and protected for the future. 

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