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Everything You Want To Know About Shellock Paver Sealing

One of the most popular choices for pool decks in Florida is shellock pavers. These pavers look great and last a very long time if they are sealed and taken care of. If you have recently had shellock pavers installed or are considering having a sealer added to your sidewalk, patio, or pool deck, here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:

Does Paver Sealing Actually Work?

Absolutely. Shellock pavers are porous which means they have a lot of microscopic holes in them. Over time, these holes get filled with dirt, oils, and plant growth which can damage them over time. With paver sealing, the surface of your pavers is protected by a coating that can prevent buildup, make cleanup easier, and prevent damage from the sun and harsh weather conditions.

Are All Sealers the Same?

Not every sealer is the same, which is one of the reasons you should consult a professional. Some shellock paver sealers give a very wet look while other options include semi-gloss or high gloss. The type of sealer you choose depends on the overall look you want for your patio or pool area.

Does Sealing Make The Surface Slippery?

While high gloss shellock paver sealing might appear wet and therefore slippery, when you use a professional company to apply your sealant, an anti-slip polymer is added at the end. This polymer makes sure that the sealer is not slippery at all; in fact, the textured finish makes pool decks safer.

Can It Be Done Yourself?

If you plan on sealing your shellock pavers, you should hire a professional. Before pavers can be sealed, they need to be thoroughly cleaned with a pressure washer and have oils removed with specialized material. Once they have been cleaned, the pavers will need a correct amount of coating as well as a non-slip polymer. Done incorrectly, you can damage the look of your pavers and end up replacing them. If you need paver sealing, call us at Paver Sealing Heroes,Jax (904-944-4820) for a free quote.

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