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Is Travertine Sealing Worth It?

If you are trying to add functionality and great looks to your home’s exterior, travertine pavers are the best way to go. These thick stones look great in just about any area—from driveways and sidewalks to pool decks and patios—and they are designed to be very durable. Unfortunately, even the most durable products will eventually wear down if not maintained. One of the best ways to take care of your travertine pavers is with travertine sealing. Here’s what you need to know:

Sealing Travertine Protects Against the Weather

One of the biggest sources of damage to travertine pavers is mother nature. In locations that have a lot of sun, strong winds, or a lot of rain (just like Florida) pavers break down and lose their color much quicker. Travertine sealing coats your pavers which can prevent damage due to weather and reduce the risk of cracks in your travertine.

Travertine Sealing Stops Growth

Because they are a generally porous surface, travertine can be a breeding ground for weeds, moss, and mildew. The pores on the travertine pavers hold moisture which then leads to rapid growth. Paver sealing reduces the risk of growth and makes cleanup and maintenance a lot easier. This further increases the lifespan of your pavers because there are no roots slowly damaging the interior of the stone.

Travertine Sealing Looks Great

There are a lot of different sealants to choose from which can enhance the look of your stone to your preference. High gloss sealant can make the colors of your travertine “pop” and give a shiny, professional appearance. Other matte finishes increase the longevity of your travertine and prevent fading while still retaining a natural look.

Use A Professional

Sealing travertine is a great way to protect your investment, but it should be done by a professional. Professional travertine sealing companies make sure pavers are cleaned correctly and that the sealant is applied across every stone evenly. This gives you a uniform look and long-lasting protection from the weather, spills, growth, and oils.

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