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River Rock Sealing Services

River rocks are beautiful parts of household exteriors, but they are not as secure as other kinds of rock. River rock is in need of sealing to safeguard its properties, though river rock sealing is an annoying job for property owners to attempt. Fortunately, companies that do river rock sealing are adept at providing a quality result that will last for a long time. There are things that everyone should know about river rock sealing, however, to better understand the importance of the process. 

When sealing river rock, it is first important, as with concrete and pavers, to clean the surface first. This can be done with a simple chemical solution, or even with a water and bleach mixture. It is important to soak the river rock in whatever solution is used. They are not to be lightly washed but instead coated in the cleaner. Once the rocks have been saturated in the mixture for roughly half an hour, it is time to rinse solutions from the rocks and allow them to dry. 

Then the fun of sealing can begin. The sealing solutions should be applied to the river rock and stead with a roller. Just like with concrete, the sealant requires a double layer to work effectively. The first layer must be allowed to totally dry before next can be spread. Once the top layer is dry, a second thin layer can be applied to the river rocks. 

The river rock then needs to completely dry and cure. This can take anywhere from 2 to 3 days, taking longer for large, flat areas of river rock. The rock does not need to be undisturbed for so long, but it does need to dry without interference for the first hours. When that has been complete, take care of interacting with the river rock until the solution seems to have hardened properly. Then the rock is sealed and safe for a very long time! 

River rock sealing is about the little details, like making sure every part gets properly cleaned for the right amount of time and ensuring that the solution has properly taken to the rock. Because of these annoying and sometimes difficult extras, it is beneficial for homeowners to hire companies that provide river rock sealing services to do the work. Professional workers know all the tips and tricks of the trade and have the equipment to get the work done as quickly as possible, which should not be undervalued, now more than ever. 

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