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Brick Paver Sealing Service in Neptune Beach

Brick pavers are another form of concrete, which is a porous stone supposed to provide passage for oil, grease, and rust. Once these materials are absorbed, they are tough to remove as the unsealed pavers retain water for a more extended time, creating a perfect environment for mold and mildew. But you have nothing to worry about as our brick paver sealing service in Neptune Beach guarantees renewal of the surfaces in terms of colour, protection, and preventing the damaging attacks of stains, dirt, mildew, and weed.

Common Problems with Brick Pavers!

Brick pavers specially in the hot sunny areas of Florida are more likely to produce damage. If you notice any worn, faded sun-bleached and dull patches, maybe this is the time to hire the best brick pavers Neptune Beach FL.

The Importance of Sealing the Brick Pavers with Us

Paver Sealing Jax has been providing brick paver sealing services in Neptune Beach for your driveways, patios, pool decks, and more for many years. We do complete and guaranteed brick paver sealing that lasts for years.

Our Brick Paver Sealing Process

It all starts with the thorough assessment of the surface, understanding the nature, and applying the suitable treatment.

If you are interested in sealing your brick pavers, Paver Sealing Jax can determine how soon your brick paver sealing service can start. This depends on a few factors with new brick pavers: the porosity – or the total volume of the pores and how much water will be absorbed, the amount of efflorescence visible on the surface – this varies depending on how recent the bricks were manufactured as well as factors like humidity.

Assessment & Power Wash

First our time will analyze the nature of the surface. Secondly, we apply deep pressure washing to remove dirt, grim, and other chemicals to open up the pores of the brick pavers.

Sealing & Paver Specific Sanding

After 24 hours when it is dried, we return and apply the sealer and sanding process which increase the lifetime and protects the surface from insects and other weeds.

Enjoy & Maintain

After 6 hours of drying you can ejooy using your newly cleaned and protected brick pavers. Besides our brick sealing services in Neptune Beach, you can also call us for routine maintenance.

Why Should you Choose us Among Others Vs Doing it Yourself!

We have the experience, qualified staff, and the high quality sealing products to make your surface look brand new. Our sealants are guaranteed to stay over 3 years under normal circumstances.

It’s a true mastery job! However, nowadays, every next neighbor, pool guy, gardener, and the handy man claims to provide brick paver sealing service in Neptune Beach. You must avoid them! No every company is like Paver Sealing Jax who provides lifetime support. Be wise with your money, and choose the best brick pavers Neptune Beach FL.

Locations We Cover

Contact the Brick Paver Sealing and Sanding Specialist Today

If you are looking for brick paver sealing company in Neptune Beach, have more questions, or are ready to set up an appointment today for service, call the professionals at Neptune Beach now. You can also reach us today to ask for a free quote or call us at (904)944-4820.