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The Basics of Paver Sealing

Paver Sealing is a job that is not commonly recognized, yet it is complicated and time consuming. While there are some individuals who choose not to have pavers sealed, the process protects and revitalizes the material for the future. Companies providing paver sealing services are saving property owners immense amounts of work, all of which can get increasingly complicated depending on various weather conditions and other variables. 

The first step of paver sealing is to clean the area. Getting rid of as much dust as possible and then dampening the pavers with a hose is the first step. Maintaining a relatively stable temperature, often around room temp, is also important, so periodically applying more water to the pavers is helpful. There are a variety of substances, however, that will clearly not be removed by water alone. These areas require the use of a cleaning product to strip away the excess materials, like dirt, oil, and bacteria. 

Cleaning products for pavers must often be purchased and then mixed by the individuals who are sealing the surface. Once the cleaning solution has been mixed, it must be applied to the pavers surface. It then interacts with the surface before it is soon washed away. When the cleaning product is removed, it takes with it excess foreign materials. Then the pavers must be allowed to dry completely before moving on to the business of sealing them. 

When the pavers have completely dried, it is time to apply the sealant. First, people need to make sure that there is nothing that will come in contact with the pavers during the sealing process. Foreign objects or water from rain, sprinklers, or other sources, can ruin the sealing process. As the sealant is applied, it is important to use rollers to ensure that the product is soaking into the pavers. Once the entire area is covered, the seal dries and forms completely within hours (a day at most). 

It is simple to see that sealing pavers is an overlooked job that requires a lot of tedious work. Companies willing to provide such services, especially those who charge an affordable price, should be taken advantage of. After all, the benefits of sealing pavers is great; it increases the lifespan of the material and gives it a new and healthy appearance. For homeowners looking to revitalize their outdoor areas, companies providing paver sealing services represent the first step on the journey to a transformed exterior. 

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